Plus, remember that having liver or kidney problems or problems with your heart makes taking Tadalista a fairly dangerous experience. Are there any particular reasons why Tadalista side effects occur? It took us a while to decide whether it was okay to put allergy on this list or it would have been better to leave it on the list of rare and dangerous side effects but… We did what we did, so here it is. See, this medication is not really likely to cause an acute anaphylactic reaction - at least, there hasn’t been even a single case reported so far.

Less common and not really dangerous Tadalista side effects. Finally, there’s one more condition that calls for immediate medical assistance if you notice it after taking Tadalista. Thus, if you get an outstandingly lasting erection that doesn’t grow limp even after orgasm, seek emergency medical assistance immediately.

Basically, it is an abnormally long-lasting erection that just wouldn’t go away for 4 hours or more. Those were mostly a result of overdose or failure to avoid certain meds and substances that intensify the effect of Tadalista, which we will talk about later. Less common but dangerous Tadalista side effects.

While most men experiencing it describe it as resembling ‘pleasant strain from too much physical activity’, it can get fairly nasty in some Tadalista users making them go to their doctor for help. Another fairly common but not really intimidating side effect of Tadalista is dyspepsia, which is observed in 4-10% of men taking this medication (the percentage depending on the strength of the pill, just like with the headaches). For 5 mg and 2.5 mg Tadalista users the risk of suffering from headache within a few hours of taking the pill equals to 6% and 3% respectively.

Thus, if you are taking low-strength Tadalista daily, you’re definitely playing on the safe side and run considerably fewer risks. As you might have already heard from somewhere or guessed yourself, the likelihood of suffering from any of this medication’s side effects depends on which version of it you are taking, and depends hugely. Before we switch on to the list of most common side effects of Tadalista, let us mention one really important thing.

In the end of the article we will list some of the most widespread risk factors that might cause side effects in Tadalista users and will teach you how to avoid those and what to do in case you notice some strange symptoms after taking Tadalista. We’ll start with the most widespread side effects of Tadalista, which, fortunately, are anything but deadly.